Art Focus explores new channels of intellectual and cultural exchanges, production and promotion of art by generation Z. Art Focus holds programmes, exhibitions, discussions, and research led projects across Europe, Asia, and North America.

Art Focus’ in-depth exchanges are co-created with world-class institutions such as the Royal College of Art and Cambridge University that promote interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and innovative collaborations that bring together talents across the arts and tech industries.  

Art Focus’ annual exhibition ArtxTech 2030 explores innovative projects that engage with technology and society through art. Collaborations between artists, designers, researchers, and tech industry professionals that look into the future of the coming decade.


Emily completed her BFA at Queen's University with international exchange at Cambridge University in art and social anthropology. She completed her masters at the University of Oxford. Her thesis research was on the Contemporary Art Market focused on empowering emerging artists.

Emily has worked in External Relations and Development for Regent's Park College University of Oxford and in Public Engagement for the Ashmolean Museum. Her publications include for the Barbican Centre and National Association of Student Anthropologists. Her most recent work was exhibited at the 2020 Hong Kong-Shenzhen Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism. Her research interests include art pedagogy, ethical production in arts industries, and art-tech led social innovation.
Jessica completed her BSc at University College London. Her research specialisation is on Parkinson’s Disease focused on the pharmacology industry.

A strong advocate for the arts, Jessica founded the China Britain Art Centre and is an accomplished Guzheng player. Jessica has experience working as the Head of Beijing Office for Short-term Study Programmes at Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford and working in Marketing and Operations in Singapore’s logistics industry. Living between London and Beijing, Jessica’s science and art backgrounds are exemplified in her interest in international pedagogy and art-tech led social innovation.




University of Manitoba
Jayanne English is an artist as well as professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manitoba. She has been a visiting professor at the University of Oxford, at the University of Zurich, and Australian institutes. Her research is on the origin of structure within galaxies, including the motion of gases, formation of halos and other features around galaxies. Her visual works are used for NASA, the Canadian and International Galactic Plane Surveys, and the Hubble Heritage Project, among others.


Artist, Visiting Tutor
Ruskin School of Art
Clova Stuart-Hamilton trained at the Ruskin and the Royal Academy Schools in the 1980s, winning a number of major prizes and scholarships. She has been the visiting tutor at the Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford. Always working from life, her work has been described as ‘domestic epiphanies, transforming everyday matter into symbols of pathos or glory.’ She has exhibited extensively in the UK and France and has international collectors from the US, Hong Kong, France, and Sweden.


Research Fellow
University of Oxford
Dr Mateja Kovacic is a Research Fellow and Postgraduate Supervisor at the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies. Her research on robots focuses on robots and automated systems in urban and social spaces. It includes the whole range of non-industrial robot experimenting, from autonomous vehicles and delivery drones, healthcare robots, to social and service robots. She uses hermeneutics and semiotics of technology to address both social robots and their sociocultural backgrounds. Mateja is broadly specialised in history, anthropology and philosophy of technology and science, with focus on Japan.


Fine Art Artist
Fashion, Fairy Tale Photographer
Bella Kotak is a fine art, fashion and portrait photographer based in Oxford and London, England. Inspired by fairytales and nature, Bella's storytelling pictures lift the veil of the overlooked and reminds us that there's magic in the most ordinary of spaces and beauty in every face.Her passion for color toning inspired her to co-found the color shop - Fine Art Actions. She is an ambassador for SmugMug, Canson Paper, and Vanguard. Her work has been exhibited in New York, London, and Paris.


Director of the Rhodes Artificial Intelligence Lab (RAIL)
Maayan is the co-director of the Rhodes Artificial Intelligence Lab (RAIL), and a Rhodes Scholar in Anthropology as at the University of Oxford. She is also an applied anthropologist for hospitals, non-profit organisations and tech companies.
She mainly focuses on developing interdisciplinary ways to combine small-scale qualitative methods and big data methods to create better technologies, health systems, urban spaces and education. Her research also focuses on the cultural and psychological dimensions of creativity.


London-based Canadian Artist
Wine Connoisseur
Raine Storey is a Canadian artist, living in London. Raine completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) as a Loran Scholar at Queen’s University. In London, Raine has completed her WSET level two through Berry Bros & Rudd's wine courses and has become a member of the Royal Society of the Arts. As the founder of Raine Storey Illustration, her professional art career has taken her all over the world, receiving awards, exhibiting, and selling to private collectors. Storey's works of art are known for their realistic manipulation of oil paint in a marriage of classical and contemporary style.


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