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Episode 06: Kimberly Glassman


Delighted to introduce Beyond Codes and Aesthetics, a new podcast series from Art Focus that explores innovative art-science collaborations that engage with society. This series offers an in-depth look from the perspective of artists, curators, and scientists into the realms of art and science and how they come together to create unexpectedly interesting sparks.

For its first-ever episode, we spoke with art historian, curator, and digital communicator, Kimberly Glassman to discuss the fascinating intersections of art and science in exhibitions, digital outreach projects, and art residencies at scientific research institutes. The Montreal born, Oxford based art historian has curated several interdisciplinary exhibitions, founded the Diversifying Academia research residency at Concordia, and the Interrogating Art-Science Relationship conference at University of Oxford. She has worked at the McCord Museum, the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling, the SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Jewish Montreal, the Convergence Initiative, and the North Wall Art Centre. Kim  obtained her BFA in Art History and Psychology at Concordia University and completed her Master of Studies in History of Art and Visual Culture at the University of Oxford. Working with Pissarro Family Archives at the Ashmolean Museum, Kim has investigated the Post-Impressionist use of Chevreulian colour theory. She will continue to explore this area of research in a PhD at Queen Mary University London.

Check out Kimberly and her work: