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Episode 07: Yishen Chen


In this episode of the Beyond Codes and Aesthetics series of the Art Focus Spoken podcast, we spoke with Yishen Chen about her new curatorial project Parallelism·Futurism (2020). This exhibition takes a holistic approach to explore the collective consciousness of humankind, something that transcends the shackles imposed by our bodies. In the process of this exploration, she raises concerns about modern technology, the perpetual connectedness and the reduction of someone’s existence into a single datum that challenges the very existence of consciousness itself. This curatorial project realized amidst the challenges of 2020 intends to be a response to the concerns and questions raised in quarantine. Overall it conveys a renewed faith in humanity, in 2020 and this exhibition presents the opportunity for the audience to explore their own answers. 

About the speaker:London and Shanghai based artist and digital art curator, Yishen Chen received her Master’s degree in Visual Art (book arts) at Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London (2018). Yishen's work has been selected for exhibitions in London, Oxford, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Changsha, among others. She continually develops cross-disciplinary research that connects her linguistics, sociology backgrounds with art and philosophy. She mainly works with artists’ books, performance, sound arts and installations. To explore a more undefined realm of expression, Yishen started her practice in both art and tech as a curator who focuses on the field of digital art, and collaborated with artists from all over the world since 2019. Her previous curation and production projects include: the opening exhibition of Aranya Art Centre After Colors (2019), SHIMAO 30th Anniversary Theme Exhibition 30 under 30 (2019), and touring exhibition Parallelism·Futurism (2020). 

Check out Yishen and her work: