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Episode 08: Michael and Shaiyan


In this episode of the Beyond Codes and Aesthetics podcast, we speak with Michael and Shaiyan, postdoctoral fellows who research emerging topics and innovations in human and computer vision, virtual reality and sense of presence, and very relevant to all of us now, zoom fatigue.   

About the speakers: 

Michael is a postdoctoral fellow at York University. He is currently using virtual reality (VR) to study the relationship between the 3D space depicted on a screen and the space that an observer is in. He wants to use the findings of this line of research to improve existing telecommunication technology and provide an increased sense of presence when interacting with digital contents on the screen. 

Shaiyan is also a postdoctoral fellow at York University. His goal is to understand the computational mechanisms that underlie human vision. His approach tests modern machine vision and graphics algorithms as models of human behaviour. Apart from elucidating biological vision, his work has the potential to improve computer vision applications.