Organisations all over the world (governments, businesses, and non-profits) are acknowledging the importance of the tech for good mission. Particularly, A.I. developments have become an essential part of this mission.

Surrounding the themes of AI Strategy, Ethics, and Social Innovation, this course explores the current key concepts that will shape humanity’s future, as well as, the real-life applications of A.I. to tackle social issues. Including but not limited to, governance structures and strategies that will impact the development of A.I., the advancement of social humanoid robots and the ethics of digital minds. 

Through workshops, lectures, seminar discussions, and site visits, this course enables participants to come together with University of Oxford academics and leading industry experts to share, discuss, and challenge each other’s perspectives. 

The first week will explore and challenge the core course themes of A.I. and social innovation. In the second week, participants will dive deeper into specific research questions through the Design Sprint. 



How does humanity optimise the impact of tech for good?

How should the responsibility for realising the tech for good mission be shared among different stakeholders?


  • Mind Foundry, University of Oxford
  • Future of Humanity Institute, University of Oxford
  • Rhodes Artificial Intelligence Lab 
  • Ashmolean Museum
  • Pitt Rivers Museum 
  • Deepmind, Google London
  • Imperial College London

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