Emily Gong

Connect to your Body, 2020

Print on Canvas (with stretcher) of oil painting
8 x 12 inches
Limited edition of 3
Hand signed and dated
Ships from Canada

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Emily Gong is a Canadian artist, researcher, and entrepreneur. Emily received her Bachelor of Fine Art from Queen's University and Masters from the University of Oxford in Area Studies. Her thesis researched the art market from the perspective of empowering emerging artists from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Emily's art explores the themes of accessibility and inclusion in experiencing works of art. In her art projects, she often co-creates with scientists and other researchers to diversify collaborations and challenge the status quo. 

Emily publications include for the Barbican Centre (co-author) and National Association of Student Anthropologists. Her most recent work (artist-scientist collaboration) was exhibited at the 2020 Hong Kong-Shenzhen Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism.



What is a curiosity that you ponder and how do you explore it in your practice?
Something I've been pondering lately is the purpose of art, especially amidst a pandemic. In society, art is perhaps one of the few areas where people with different viewpoints can come together to share an experience. They don't need to agree with each other but this type of shared experience can perhaps help us identify with each other, cultivate understanding, and even increase tolerance of differences.

What was the context the artwork was created in?
These works were created with the intent to provide moments of peace for the viewer. Engaging with the work of art can help connect you to your senses, body, and mind. There's a soothing and healing quality of art for the viewer to have a physical and emotional response. This experience can be transformative and carry an energy of renewal.

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Dimensions 8 x 12 in

Emily Gong


Print on Canvas (with stretcher) of oil painting

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